Best Simulation Games for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360

Top simulation gamesIf you thought only life imitates art, then get ready for a role-reversal in simulation games. Simulation games were first used for testing a hypothetical situation or a science nerd’s pet project. Well, the project has come to life, and it’s being used on a regular basis. Simulation games have been used not just by introverts and agoraphobics, but by others too, as they simulate real-life what-if situations. They have been useful in online classes, as they improve the concentration of students, and lets them absorb every aspect of the subject, rounding out the learning experience.

These games have been used to undertake driving lessons for the new and old, and by teenagers to develop their cognitive skills. In fact, after playing SimCity, teenagers have a better appreciation of their government officials. Since the Sims, a myriad of games have been developed, covering almost all genres, from racing to flight training. The following sections list the best simulation games, covering the three most popular gaming systems – PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Farming Simulator
Published by Focus Home Interactive
Release Date October 25, 2012

If you are tired of the fast and slick ways of the city life, then farming is the way to go. This game introduces you to a dilapidated farm and the machinery that goes along with it. Your objective is to get the farm up and running by upgrading your farm machinery as well as trading the crops to make better

Signs You Are Addicted to Minecraft

Sign you are addicted to MinecraftMinecraft is a creative game which enables gamers to build monuments and buildings using textured 3D cubes. This game urges its users to explore and broaden aspects of their mind, like using quick reflexes, crafting methods, survival techniques, combating strategies, etc. Minecraft is a very interesting game, and it gets more gripping with each mode that you come across.

There are various versions of this game. It is easily downloadable on Android phones, PCs, Xbox, Mac, Windows, and Linux setups. There are millions of gamers worldwide who love this game, due to which the Minecraft convention, MineCon was started. And why not? This game is so enthralling and addictive. This Buzzle write-up presents to you some of the most common signs of Minecraft addiction.

Signs that Should Not be Ignored

One of the first signs that your loved one or you are addicted to Minecraft is that you prefer staying indoors and playing rather than venturing out. This is the most common sign of any video game addiction. Gamers prefer staying indoors as they get more time to play their favorite game; going out to socialize with their friends who do not follow their game is regarded as a waste of precious time. Some other signs of addiction are:

» Constant blogging or finding out information on new releases of the game
» Making or joining exclusive gaming groups
» Excessive buying of merchandise
» Blogging or constantly refreshing the Notch’s blog